DIRECTV #1 MDU Dealer 9 Years Running

Sky Satellite, headquartered in the dynamic city of Salt Lake City, Utah, stands as a leading provider of nationwide DIRECTV services. With the requisite licenses for account activation and servicing, we take pride in our extensive track record, having successfully installed over 40,000 doors of DIRECTV service in a variety of settings, including apartments, condos, townhomes, and hotels, over our impressive 19-year history.

What sets us apart is not just our substantial nationwide portfolio but our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Beyond the initial sale, Sky Satellite is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring our clients' ongoing contentment. Quality prevails over quantity in our philosophy, and our long-standing relationships with clients are a testament to why they choose to stay with us year after year.

As the undisputed leader in Multi-family DIRECTV service nationwide, Sky Satellite is at the forefront of innovation, offering comprehensive solutions that include access control, home automation, and internet services. With a rapid expansion of our Multi-family management portfolio across the country, our turn-key DIRECTV solution covers everything from system engineering and design to seamlessly managing all service and resident phone calls on your property. References attesting to our excellence are readily available upon request. Choose Sky Satellite for a superior, nationwide experience that goes beyond television, catering to your property's unique needs with access control, home automation, and internet services.

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